Cool Hairstyles 2016

Cool Hairstyles 2016

Cool hairstyles 2016 bring you a range of unique hairstyles. These ideas are for you if you are someone who desires to appear graceful, sophisticated and hyper stylish and modern. These hairstyles come with elements of grace, style and modernism and would definitely help you achieve your beauty and craving goals. So, let’s get down to the ideas.

Slice Out

If you want to glare your way across any season and any occasion of 2016 with style and grace, the slice out hairstyle is for you. To achieve this hairstyle, first get your hair ready by moistening it with a mousse and using a hairspray to add density and flexibility to your hair.

Second, use a hairbrush and blow-dry your hair. Follow up with the listing of your hair from the sides and the base. Now use your fingers to generate texture in your hair and finally apply a hair product to make your hair texture and volume more prominent and give your hairstyle shine and hold.

Typically Glossy

Well, if you are looking for a shiny hairstyle, this one is for you. You can wear this hairstyle in any season of 2016, but we recommend it especially for the winter and fall season. To achieve this hairstyle, make your hair wet by applying a hair gel or spray and then use a round brush to generate volume on your hair. Blow-dry your hair to make them shiny. Do not forget to ensure that your hair is flat and oblique. Give your new hairstyle a finishing touch and hold with a hairspray. This hairstyle is highly stylish and sophisticated.

Calorific Pale Surfs

This is one of the most luxury-laden hairstyles touted by stylist Candy Shaw. It is simply amazing, marvelous and absolutely stunning. To achieve this hairstyle first make your hair dry. Afterwards, employ a hairbrush and make curls section by section and make it certain to pin your curls down and let them to cool down.

Apply some hairspray on your hair and then un-shawl the waves and run your fingers across your hair to achieve the style. Lastly, use a comb and comb your hair from the back up to the crown area so you can achieve ideal volume.

Twist Wild

This hairstyle is for you if you have a wild and untamed nature. This hairstyle will immaculately and uniquely communicate your ideas to the world and let you appear wild, sexy and highly feminine. To achieve this hairstyle, start with the application of a conditioner so your hair becomes wet and achieve proportion.

Now use a hair product and apply it across each strand, covering from the base to the edge. Now use a comb with wide teeth and disentangle the locks and make sure to place the sections of hair in your desired locations.

Now blow dry your hair with a diffusor on mild setting and run your fingers through your hair to make the strands soft. Finally, apply a hairspray to achieve shine and hold.

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