Hottest Hairstyles 2016

Hottest Hairstyles 2016

The hottest hairstyles 2016 were observed at the 58th annual Grammy Awards that just happened in California, where celebrities were seen wearing their best and stunning styles. Different celebrities attended the awards show with different hairstyles. Here are the best three hairstyles of the evening. These hairstyles can be carried causal and on different events.

Kaley Cuoco

Miss cuoco was seen wearing soft beach waves which is a mixture of allure and clausal. She was looking gorgeous with this stunning hairstyle which was perfect according to her face structure and dress. She was wearing the hairstyle with a center part.

To achieve the hairstyle begin with applying styling cream. Dry out hair using vent brush. Heat up a curling iron and create section on the length. Try to keep the hair away from the face. With the help of your fingers adjust the curls to get natural look. Apply a holding spray at the end to carry the style for longer period.

The hairstyle can be adopted by square and heart face structure. Hair in all length can work with this hairstyle. Medium to thick hair works well with the style. The hairstyle is easy and effortless to style.

Bella Hadid

Miss Bella Hadid rocked on the show by carry slicked back and bold look with a center part. She was wearing this hairstyle with a very simple and light makeup.

Getting this hairstyle is super easy which begin with blow dry. Heat up a flat iron and make the hair straight and smooth. Divide your hair into a center part. Keep your hair behind your ears. To set the hairstyles use a holding spray. Women with any hair length can carry this hairstyle. Bella rocked it with light makeup and black gown.

Round and oval face structure can adopt this hairstyle. Hair that is medium to thick in density works well on it. Women with all hair length can adopt this hairstyle.

Chrissy Tiegen

This beauty was carrying a sassy ponytail which amazing dress. She rocked the show by wearing fitted white beautiful gown and silky high ponytail.

To get the look of Chrissy Tiegen start with blow dry. Run a flat iron on entire hair. Comb the hair and gather the hair at the back and secure it withelastic. Take a piece of hair beneath the pony and wrap it around the elastic. Use a booby pins to secure the wrapped peace. Apply a holding spray to set the look.

The hairstyle works on women with round and square face structure. Medium to thick hair works with the hairstyle. Hair that is medium to long in length rocks with this hairstyle. Naturally straight hairs do not need to run a flat iron to get smoother hair.

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