Tips to Get Rid of Oily Hair

Tips to Get Rid of Oily Hair

Tips to get rid of oily hair are for you if you have excessively greasy hair. If your hair is also oily now you need to plan when you have to wash your hair? There are easy tips you can apply and have a balanced hair. Most of the time women with oily hair get irritated and they are trying to find tips to make their hair look less oily. There are different tips, which will help you to control the oil production in your hair.

Wash your hair less

Mostly the scalp of oily hair is exposed of oils and the more you wash your hair it will replace those oils that make your hair to look oily. If you wash your hair everyday then change your habit of washing, try to wash after three to four days. Shampoos also contain oils try to shampoo once because it can strip too much oil, which can lead oil production into overdrive.

Use conditioners at the ends of your hair

By using conditioner to your hair roots it cause the root oily. To control the oil in your hair apply the conditioner at the end.

Do not use shampoos containing oil

If you’re using a shampoo that contains oil it will make your hair to look fatty. To control the oil use dry shampoos that will help to suck up the oil and your hair will start looking less oily.

Use baby powder

In the past, people chose to use powder instead of shampoo. You can use baby powder to control the oil by scattering the powder on the roots of your hair and rub it. As the baby powder is white and on dark hair it will look prominent you need just to brush your hair after scattering the powder or mix the powder with cocoa.

Be careful while brushing

Try to avoid brushing all the time because during brushing the natural oil from your hair start distributed and also motivate to oil production. To have a healthy balanced hair you have to be careful during brushing.

Select the hair product intelligently

Mostly women with oily hair use different types of styling products, which make the hair oilier. Make sure to avoid the products that help the oil production. The best idea to avoid oil is to stop using the styling products.

Do not always touch your hair

It’s natural that fingertips also produce oil and by touching your hair the oil transfers to your hair. So be careful and avoid playing with your hair. If you have habit of playing with your open hairstyle any hairstyle that will reduce your touching habit.

Do not use the hair straighter

If you have curly hairs do not use hair straightener because curly hairs give little volume at the roots that keeps your hair from becoming oily too quickly.When you use straightener the straight hair will lies closer to the head the more oil it produces and your hair will start becoming oily.

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